How To Care For Your Kitchen Cupboards

How To Care For Your Kitchen Cupboards

Image result for How To Care For Your Kitchen CupboardsInvesting in quality kitchen cabinets is an excellent decision for any homeowner, but if you want its value to remain for years instead of months to come, you need to know how to keep them looking as good as the day you first had them installed. Seeing as your cupboards will be in an area of your home that’s constantly subject to daily hustle and bustle, and heat created from cooking, this can be a challenge! To keep your kitchen cabinets drawing in compliments and ensure its positively impacting on the value of your home, follow this advice:

Cleaning the inside of your cabinets

It’s easy to neglect the inside of your cabinets – after all, out of sight is out of mind! Not matter what you plan on storing in them, it’s worth having them lined with a suitable covering. It’s best not to choose a lining that has a strong adhesive, as you’ll need to replace this lining several times in the lifespan of your cabinets. We recommend choosing a cedar liner for areas prone to moth infestations (such as cabinets storing spices, pantry goods, or linens) and felt ones for silver plated items or cutlery. Cabinets housing fragile items will benefit from a cork lining, which both cushion and protect whatever’s placed on it. Remember to change and clean your lining when needed and replace it when damaged.

Cleaning the outside of your cabinets

It doesn’t much time for deep seated grime to build up on your cabinets. Don’t wait for the dirt to become visible, as at this stage it will be packed on and take considerable scrubbing (and possibly unhinging each cabinet door) to remove it. Wiping them down with mild dishwashing liquid and hot water every week or so (more or less depending on how frequently you’re cooking) will prevent build-up. Always dry each cabinet thoroughly after cleaning it.

If you have glass fronted cabinets, a suitable gentle glass cleaner is sufficient. Avoid using abrasive scrubbing materials and use lint free absorbent cloths to prevent streaking and residue.

Finishing touches

If you’re thinking about investing in a polish or coat of some kind to keep your cabinets shiny and pristine, we advise you to speak to your friendly Cupboard Value representative. They’ll be able to advise you if you made the best choice for your cupboard and its needs.

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