About Us

About THK Construction

The owners, Barend and Adelaide Venter, have been intimately involved in the property market for over 16 years, at first as developers, and now for the past 12 years in the manufacture of this exceptional product: Timber Frame Kits, which is put together in a package that can be erected in a remarkably short time!

THK Construction Recognized the need for a timber construction method for remote areas. The company moved into the field, of developing do-it-yourself timber home kits, for both rural and urban Southern Africa. We use all the quality and safety standards which are already built into the manufactured panels.

THK Construction is also fully equipped to build a timber home to a custom plan, for those who have specific needs which may not be covered by the standard designs.

THK Construction is set to provide some solution too rural and even urban based clients who require an effective fast and reliable solution for building a home with a controlled and pre-planned project.

THK Construction has successfully completed projects in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia and Angola.

THK Construction is a member of the ITC-SA (Institute of Timber Construction South Africa), and we have won numerous bronze, silver and gold ITC-SA Construction Awards on our projects in the past.

THK Construction is member of the NHBRC (National Home Building Registration Council)

THK Construction is member of the SAGGA (South African Glass and Glazing Association)

THK Construction has grown a lot over the past few years with Sub Contracted teams throughout South Africa doing our installation.

The modern factory utilizes about 5000m², and supply kiln-dried pine rough timber and mould it to various profiles. There is a separate production line for timber construction, and we are capable to handle any project big or small.


Building a life – filled with hopes, dreams and a future … all starts with a place!! Whether it is a primary home, retirement or a holiday home – home is where the heart is!! And it is our PASSION to MAKE that place where you will celebrate and feel – welcomed, together, relaxed, safe and loved – a REALITY to experience!

Creating skilfully – our Clients, and Projects; gratefully verify and confirm our commitment, quality, expertise, high level of standards and practical craftsmanship that we DELIVER.

We work and live – by Character, Values, Honesty and Integrity and take good care of our Clients and the Environment.

When completed – you will PROUDLY say: “home sweet home”.


THK Construction was established twelve years ago, through prayer and Godly vision with Biblical ethics and values, to accommodate the building trend shifts over the changing times and economic climates. As we look forward, we aim to grow more as a company, negotiating the changes that lie ahead and to see the opportunities for healthy positive developments.

Over the next seven years we hope not only to continue to build all over Southern Africa and its surrounding Islands but strengthen our networks and become established as one of the leading Timber Frame Builders, with projects in every region. We aim to maintain our standards of building across a wider spectrum of designs and budgets, for both those that want us to complete to an expertly mastered fine finish, as well as those who want a precision kit that they can rewardingly build themselves with our plans or guidance. With an increased efficiency in logistics, we aim for results that will keep us affordable and facilitate our service to the community in being a trusted and well know name in providing quality housing, fulfilling the dreams of satisfied homeowners for future generations.


Our company started to submit our projects to the ITC-SA Annual Awards (Institute of Timber Construction South Africa) in 2014. The ITC-SA Awards 2014 where held in Cape Town.

In our first year, we were awarded a Bronze Award for a residential home we built on a steep mountain slope in Simons Town area, where our exceptional building skills where shone on an exceedingly difficult site.

We also received two Bronze Awards for the project we did in Zambia, one for the design of the residential home and one for our exceptional building skills and the ability of our company to do a well-executed project in another Southern Africa country.

In the ITC-SA Awards 2015, that was held in Johannesburg, we were awarded a Bronze Award, for our exceptional building skills, by building an off the grid cottage for residential purpose in Riebeek Kasteel.

Our second award for 2015 was a Silver Award, for our exceptional building skills and attention to detail with the finishing, for a Nutec Cottage that we built in Noordhoek, on the Cape Peninsular.

Our third award for 2015 was a Gold Award, for our exceptional building skills, and ability to build on a very difficult and steep site, the judges was very impress with our knowledge of timber construction and especially with the well-built staircase we did to get to the cottage.

The ITC-SA Awards 2018 was held in Cape Town, we were awarded a Silver Award, for our exceptional building skills, by building a Modern Upmarket Workshop for a client in Constantia.

Our second award for 2018 was a Gold Award, for our exceptional building skills, and ability to build on a very difficult and steep site, the judges was very impress with our knowledge of timber construction and attention to detail by completing an Upmarket Addition/Renovation in Glen Cairn.

We as a company are extremely proud of what we achieved so far, and we are eager to improve every year on our past achievements.