Kit Homes

Kit Homes

Kit homes are a great solution for those who want to live in a bespoke home but are short on time.  Also known as turnkey and package builds – they are a happy balance for those who want to build their own homes, but don’t have the available time or knowledge in order to manage a project first hand.


A kit home/the package self build route means the house is fully specified at the design stage and is more often than not prefabricated off site.


This leads to a quick and efficient build process with fewer unexpected surprises, and thus more certainty when setting the budget.


No longer limited to a range of designs chosen from a brochure, many companies offer bespoke options, while off-the-shelf plans can be altered to ensure they suit your lifestyle needs.


Building a kit home means houses can be left at a weathertight stage for the rest to be completed by the homeowners, or taken right up until the end with everything from windows and doors to switches and sockets included.


Many companies also offer for planning permission, building regulations and ground works to be included in the construction of their buildings as well.



How Much Does a Kit House Cost?

Kit homes have a reputation for being costly due to their high build quality and hands-off approach.


As the South African market for package build grows prices are increasingly becoming more reasonable with the outcome still offering far more value-for-money in terms of materials, volume of space, specification and efficiency than mainstream developer houses.


Some companies offer services to calculate costs based on size and level of input, but many prefer to be contacted in order to give a more precise estimate.

Kit Homes